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English Speaking Summer Camp for children in Spain

An English Speaking Summer Camp for children designed for kids between 8 and 12 years of age. An incredible experience to practice english in a fun and natural way. Two weeks of speaking English while having fun and playing sports with your friends and also making new lifelong friends at the same time.

Teaching English in Spain next summer through Sports, games and activities run by International English Speaking coaches along with Bi-lingual coaches from Spain guaranteeing that all participants get used to and speak the English language more fluently.

Teaching English in Spain in an International Summer Camp

1 to 5: 1 coach per 5 Villagers

Teaching English in Spain with a ratio of 1 to 5 has been the key to success at the Village. By having 1 coach per 5 participants we are able to achieve that English is spoken 12 hours a day.

Have the time of your life in an English Speaking Summer Camp in Spain.


Cambridge University & the Village

In the Village there are no books, pens or exams. the Village method is structured and supervised by Cambridge University press to ensure that participants fulfill the primary goal: Speaking English


2 weeks in the Village is equal to 50 days abroad.

The constant presence of coaches teaching English in Spain and the reduced number of participants per coach guarantees total immersion one can observe that after only a few days in the Village, the English Speaking Summer Camp, all participants begin to communicate in English.





Participants become familiar with the language and different accents in a natural way.


Communication and Confidence

Improvement of vocabulary and fluency by speaking colloquial everyday English. Lose the fear of speaking in public and making mistakes.



Participants spend two weeks sharing experiences with other kids of their age in a spectacular natural environment.

Personal Independence

Participants learn to live without the constant dependence on their parents and establish friendships with participants from all over Spain and abroad.


the Village Surf School

serious, quality, safe, friendly and fun!

SURF CLASSES in ENGLISH at SALINAS BEACH. Enjoy the privilege the beautiful north coast of Spain offers while catching some waves in one of the best surfing destinations. Everybody goes surfing at theVillage

theVillage Surf School is one of the activities that we offer at our Sports Academy. If you choose surfing you will go everyday that we have Sports academy and you will be able to do other sports during daily activities once you have finished surfing.

Surf in the ocean for 2 hours a day with our experienced instructors from all over the world. We will teach you the secrets of the sea, how waves are formed, the influence of winds, how to identify a current and the peculiarities of Salinas beach which is one of the most popular surfing destinations in Spain.

Classes are always given in English and translation will be provided when giving safety regulations to ensure that all participants understand. We offer top quality equipment and surf boards and the instructors adapt to your level making sure that everybody has an enjoyable experience while learning how to surf at the same time. Our certified instructors are experienced Surfers in all kinds of situations as well as sea conditions.

At theVillage Surf School you just have to bring your swimsuit, flip flops and towel. the Village will provide everything else. Top brands in Softboards (Catch Surf, Ocean & Earth and Up Boards) or hard boards if you are an experienced surfer along with Billabong surf suits for men, women and children.

theVillage Surf School has an extra cost and cannot be combined with any another sport in the Sports Academy program.

Slide and learn Surfing at the Village Surf School

Participants and coaches learn how to cook and prepare delicious dishes in a fun and entertaining way, using vocabulary and expressions necessary in every kitchen or restaurant, always in English. A fun program to make our mouths water while we practice the language.

the Village Media is an opportunity to practice the language and develop creativity in which participants will make their own audiovisual productions.

Sports Academy and Broadway Entertainments

The Sports Academy at the Village offers all participants the possibility to continue training or even take up a new sport with international coaches during their stay at the Village.

Sports at the Academy:

  • Soccer Academy.
  • Tennis.
  • Basketball.

Broadway Entertainment offers the following classes:

  • Dance
  • Drama

These activities are run by international English speaking coaches at no extra cost.

Meeting points - Check in

  • theVillage, hotel URH Zen Balagares Hotel & Spa.
  • Asturias airport.
  • Madrid - Wanda Metropolitano Stadium
  • Transfers from Adolfo Suárez, Madrid airport and Puerta de Atocha Train Station to Wanda Metropolitano meeting point.
  • Transfers from Madrid to Asturias in luxury autopullman. Ask for prices.

The programme includes:

  • Full board accommodation in 4* hotel in multiple rooms.
  • 200 hours each fortnight speaking English with international and bilingual coaches.
  • Complete programme of activities, adventure and trips all in English.
  • Sports Academy and Broadway entertainments.
  • Laundry service and room cleaning including change of bed clothes.
  • Insurance: Public liability, accident and health insurance.

Food Menus

  • Diet and nutritional control.
  • Menus to suit the needs of different ages supervised by our nutritionist.
  • Special menus for allergies, celiacs or any other requests.

Control, safety and 24 hour medical attention

Summer camp in Spain with activities the Village

Learn English in Spain by using creative activities, sports, games treasure hunts and conversation in small groups.

Mountain trecking in the incredible routes in the surrounding area.

the Village kids: Sample daily schedule

A standard day in the Village.

2022 Summer Dates

Firts Fortnight: July, 3 to July, 16

Second Fortnight: July, 17 to July, 30


Fortnight Price: 1.995 €

Brothers: -120 €

All taxes included


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