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English speaking Summer Camp


The English Speaking Summer Camp the Village is in fact not a camp as it takes place in a four star hotel resort. It is much more than an English speaking summer camp, it is an alternative option we offer as opposed to sending your children abroad to learn English.

It is organised by San Fernando College, recognised as one of the TOP ten private schools in Spain which was founded in 1941 and Ireland Idiomas an organisation with over 20 years experience organising English immersion programmes in Spain and overseas. It is also an opportunity for young adults to gain summer work in Spain on our language immersion programs.

English speaking summer camp or travelling abroad?

Our summer camp in Spain gives kids and teens the chance to practice English and there is no better place to do so than in the Village. Instead of travelling abroad at the Village we have a team of international coaches from different English speaking countries. We create a space where English is the only language spoken in a 4* hotel and sports resort just outside the city of Aviles in Asturias, northern Spain. the Village programmes guarantee a safe, enjoyable and most effective way of speaking English.

At the Village there are no boring classes, no books nor homework, just fun activities and sports 100% in English, 24 hours a day for two weeks. In each and every activity, game or sport at the Village our coaches are working on different aspects of the English language like grammar, vocabulary, colloquial expressions and different subject areas depending on the ages and levels of the participants in each programme. Also, if you are looking for a high quality English speaking Summer Camp in Spain, the look no further than the Village.

Summer camp in Spain: 7 reasons to choose the Village

Summer Camp in Spain in an exclusive 4* resort

the Village summer camp in Spain takes place in a spectacular 4 star hotel resort which is reserved for our immersion programs

the Village sport campus has an area of 25,000m square meters

which includes playing fields, tennis courts, basketball courts and an indoor sports centre. Many of our daily activities will take place on the nearby Salinas beach which is ten minutes from the Village

Teaching English in Spain: the Village Staff

Summer work in Spain with a team that is made up of international coaches from different english speaking countries: Ireland, England, USA or Canada. A group of bi- lingual Spanish coaches from Ireland Idiomas and San Fernando in Aviles provide back up in organising and programming all of the activities.

There are no teachers at the Village. The international coaches are carefully selected from university students, actors, sports people, artists and musicians. our team is made up of dynamic, outgoing, responsible and fun loving coaches.

Statistics from the Village

  • 61 Number of Coaches
  • 11 Different nationalities
  • 36 Where the Villagers came from
  • 200 Hours of English in 15 days


A programme carefully designed to suit participants ages

  • Kids: 8 yrs to 12 yrs.
  • Teens: 13yrs to 17yrs.

Kids Programme Teens Programme

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